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10 buildings remain to this day, and is located in the center of Tashkent.

Almost from the beginning of time, the collection is completed quickly Turkestana Museum of Art exhibition at the Historical Museum in Moscow and Leningrad museums and artists work includes the Uzbeks.

I.Shishkin Works, art. Benková, S Vereshchagin, Z.Kovalevsky, A.Belloli and many other famous artists at the bottom of the museum today.

Museums in Tashkent: State Museum of History of Uzbekistan

The address: 3, RASHIDOVA, Tashkent

Phone: (998 71) 239-17-79, 239-17-78, 239-10-83

Running time: 10:00 to 05:00 hours (no lunch break)

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The State Museum of History of Uzbekistan is one of the very old museums in Central Asia, founded 136 years ago. The base of more than 250,000 museum exhibits, or 60 000 archaeological, numismatic about 80 000 and 16 000 ethnographic exhibition reflects the history of the modern Uzbek times before.

There are 4 floors of the museum. The first floor exhibition space of contemporary exhibitions of different topics on a regular basis. The exhibition on the first floor, in the history of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the ancient time Timuridov. Here is the first tool that reflects and mirrors, decorative production, objects of daily life, going through the roots of 1000 the prices of medieval Central Asia, the development of science and poetry, to trade at this time.

The museum's exhibits include prehistoric remains unique Sel ungur the cave (1500000 BC), the stone statues of two snakes in the area Fergana valley (2000 BC), the decoration of Bukhara Palace governors find the century fragments 6-8 7-8 nastennoj Afrosiaba paint company in the city, a carved 10th Edge-century wooden poles Oburdon.