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Airfare: national airline Uzbekistan Airways ("Uzbekistan Airways") is one of the largest airlines in Central Asia. Founded in 1992, the airline carries passengers and cargo to more than 30 countries. Uzbekistan Airways successfully operates a fleet of modern aircraft such as Boeing 767, Airbus-310, RJ-85, and which serve international flights and flights to the CIS countries. In 1999 the park added to airliners Boeing 757. Over the past 10 years, airlines international network has expanded considerably. Uzbekistan Airways, performing flights to Europe, Asia, Middle East, is the first airline in Central Asia, opened a direct flight between Tashkent and New York. A modern fleet of aircraft and the unique geographical location of Uzbekistan provides an opportunity to provide high quality services and to connect Europe with Asia. Uzbekistan Airways also serves the air transportation market in Uzbekistan.

Their start-up in action has demanded the big efforts from uzbekistantsev. In Tashkent and Tashoblasti 55 enterprises, in the Samarkand area - 14 factories and factories, in Ferganskojdoline - 22 enterprises, in Bukhara area - 2 have taken places. Commissioning of the evacuated enterprises has been spent to extremely deadlines. On the basis of the evacuated equipment it has been created 47 new, and also capacity of some the local industrial enterprises is increased.
      In the conditions of leaving on front of considerable number of men deficiency of hands accrued. Since June, 26th, 1941 obligatory overtime works have been entered, the working day for all adults has increased till 13 o'clock, at 6-tidnevnoj to working week, holidays were cancelled. In December all working on a military production appeared mobilised and have been fixed to the enterprises. Autocratic leaving from manufacture was punished by the conclusion for the term from 5 till 8 years.
      The population life has sharply worsened. In cities have entered a rationing system. Workers and employees received for 400-500 of bread in day, dependents for 300-400 Normirovannoe distribution has been entered on meat, fish, fats, groats, macaroni, but also it often was not maintained, cards remained not otovarennymi. On agricultural population the rationing system did not extend, that complicated and without that a difficult life dehkan.



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