Unbelievable Kyrgyzstan Tour 6

Unbelievable Kyrgyzstan Tour 6, Kyrgyzstan tours 

Unbelievable Kyrgyzstan Tour 6
Duration: 7 days
Places to visit: Bishkek - Chunkurchak - Burana - Chon Kemin - Issyk Kul lake northern shore - Karakol - Jeti Oguz - Issyk Kul southern shore - Tamga   - Kichi Naryn - Naryn - Tash Rabat - Torugart border 

Day 1: Bishkek - Chunkurchak - Bishkek
You will start your Unbelievable Kyrgyzstan: Tour 6upon arrival to the airport. Driver will pick you up and transferred to the capital city of Kyrgyzstan. The road to Bishkek will take a 40-minute drive from the airport. Upon arrival to the city you will prominent sights as the Pobeda Square (Victory Square), Duboviy Park (Oak Park), Central Ala-Too Square, Old Square, National Philharmonic, and many others significant sights. After it you will drive to Chunkurchak gorge that is one of the most beautiful gorges in Kyrgyzstan. Chunkurchak has meaning of the "hollow". Territory of this gorge is also National Biological Reserve where you will see the rare species of tulips. In spring in course of the tour you will see the bright-scarlet meadow. In winter there you can witness the ski complex for rest and relaxation. On the tour you will see the road that leads to the larger Takhr Gorge, which contains a 200 m (656 f) rock overlooking the Alamedin River. At the end you will transfer to Bishkek. Night is in a hotel.

Day 2: Bishkek - Burana - Chon Kemin
In course of the tour you will drive to Chon Kemin gorge. In course of the tour Unbelievable Kyrgyzstan: Tour 6 you will have a break to see the Burana Tower (an 11th century minaret) and an open air museum of Balbals (stone warriors). Here you will be able to head on to the top of the tower to see the breathtaking view of scenery. After it you will continue your drive to Chon Kemin gorge. Upon arrival you will meet local family that will tells you many interesting things of the lifestyle of local people. In the second part of the day you will enjoy the 33 hours of horse riding tour. While riding the horse you will be impressed by the magnificent view of the mountain forest. After you reach the top of the mountain you will be met u the majestic view of the gorge. The night and dinner will be in a home stay. 

Day 3: Chon Kemin - Issyk Kul lake northern shore - Karakol
In course of the tour you will drive to the ace that is considered to be the second largest mountainous lake I the world. Issyk Kul lake can be found on the altitude of 1 608 meters above sea level among the celestial mountains.  During the travel you will know another name of this prominent sight that is known, "the pearl of Central Asia". Another interesting fact about this lake is known as the holy for more than 1 500 years. You can come up to the lake and to see mountains all around it. Your route will go through the northern shore that will lead to the next destination of the tour to Karakol town. On the way to it you will see the ancient stone patterns - petroglyphs. Upon arrival to Karakol you will have excursion in the Dungan mosque that was made in Chinese style without using a single metal nail. After it you will see an old wooden Orthodox Church. Night is in a hotel. 

Day 4: Karakol - Jeti Oguz - Issyk Kul southern shore - Tamga 
The day of the tour will start with driving to Jeti Oguz gorge that is also known as the Seven Bulls. This sight will strike you by its red rocks formations. After it you will have an opportunity to see the Broken Heart Mountain. You can hike 220 minutes to climb to the top of it and witness the grand view of the gorge. Then the route will lead to the Flower Valley w here you will hike to see the mountain waterfall. While exploring this breathtaking sight you can meet local people who live in yurts. Don't miss the chance to taste the famous national drink that is also known as Kumis. It is consist of mare's milk, and it is an alcoholic drink as a beer. Then we continue our drive along the southern shore of Issyk Kul lake. Night is in a homestay in Tamga.

Day 5: Tamga - Kichi Naryn - Naryn
In the morning you will be transferred to Naryn the road to which goes through Kichi Naryn gorge that is known for the breathtaking scenery. The road to the city will go via the high mountains, picturesque passes. In tours to Kyrgyzstan you will enjoy all of these things and witness the nomadic way of life. You will drive through the Jalpak Bel pass which is located on the altitude of more than 3000 meters. This day allow you to witness the different mountains due to which you can enjoy the variety of mountains which made tours to Kyrgyzstan so popular. During the tour you will have a stop at the Bokonbaeva village that is prominent sight due to the opportunity to witness a local eagle-hunter. You will see the ancient way of hunting with the help of eagles. The prey of it is hares and foxes. Upon arrival to Kochkor village you will see the local family that will a local family that will show you their hospitability and the secret of making national felt carpets. After it you will be able to visit local handicraft museum. Then you will continue to drive to Naryn. Night will be in a guesthouse.

Day 6: Naryn - Tash Rabat
Today you will head on o the unique building of14th century. Tash Rabat can be found on the altitude of 3200 m above sea level that was one of branches of the Great Silk Road. This Stone Castle is located at the very heart of Tian Shan Mountains. The sight will impress you by the majestic view of stone blocks that are made 31 rooms with the walls 1 m thick. In addition you will have a chance to witness the underground prison cells that were used to imprison to thieves in ancient times. The night will be spent in yurts near Tash Rabat Caravanserai.

Day 7: Tash Rabat - Torugart border
In the morning is transfer to Chinese border.   

02- pax - Mitsubishi Delica
04-10 pax - Mercedes Sprinter 

Price per person: 
02 pax - 865 $
04 pax - 525 $
06 pax - 405 $
08 pax - 345 $
10 pax - 305 $
Single - 75 $

Early check-in - 35 $
Single early check-in - 60 $ 

Half board - 90 $
Full board - 180 $

English speaking guide - 535 $ per group

To be 2 in one yurt (now 4 pax) - 15 $ per person

Service includes:
- Transport
- Accommodation:
Bishkek - "Discovery" 3* or "Garden" 4*
Chon Kemin - Homestay
Karakol - "Karagat" Hotel 4* or "Green Yard" Boutique Hotel
Tamga - Homestay
Naryn - "Khan Tengri" Guesthouse
Tash Rabat - Yurts (4 pax in 1)
- Entrances to all museums
- Mineral water during the tour
- Horse riding in Chon Kemin gorge

Service does not include:
- Meals
- Single rooms
- Early check-in
- Travel insurance
- Visa and visa support
- English speaking guide