Unbelievable Kazakhstan Tour 3

Unbelievable Kazakhstan Tour 3, Kazakhstan tours 

Unbelievable Kazakhstan Tour 3
Duration: 8 days
Places to visit: Almaty - Issyk -Altyn Emel- Saty - Kaindy- Kolsai 2- Charyn - Almaty

Day 1: Almaty
We are glad to see you travelling in Kazakhstan especially in the southern capital - Almaty. In course of the tour you will visit the most significant sights of the tour to get the detailed information about them. At first you will visit attraction where you need to know the art of bargain the Green Bazaar. The tour that takes 6 hours to explore will go to the Panfilov Park and makes a view of the Zenkov Cathedral. Later on you will be transferred to the Kok-Tobe hill where after some hiking you will reach Kok-Tobe Park. Here you will be able to stroll along the roads as well as enjoying untouched views. Then the night is in the hotel.

Day 2: Almaty - Issyk - Almaty
In the morning you will be transferred to one of the amazing gorges of the Trans-Ili Alatau, the Issyk Gorge that lays in Kuldja tract. Upon reaching it you will see the alpine lake Issyk. During the drive you will be able to enjoy the scenery as well as learn the history of this place. Moreover you will see the mounds of Sakas period where the famous golden man was found. Later it became the state symbol. Then is the excursion in the famous State Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve "ISSYK". While investigating this place you will see various elements of the weapon and horse equipment can be taken in attention. Later on you will be found yourself on the altitude of 1756m above sea level due to it the water in the lake is cold. The reason of appearing this lake is massive earthquake that happened 10000 years ago. Moreover the dam of 300m high was formed due to this as well. The night will be in the hotel.

Day 3: Almaty - Altyn Emel
Today you will have tour to the famous Tamgaly Tas. This interesting place is lays on the Ili River. Here you can touch the past by witnessing the pictures of the Buddha and various lines of the text in Tibetan, Kalmyk and all other languages. Unfortunately the text hasn't been deciphered for 150 years. Here you will be able to a set of the medieval times. After it you will continue the way to Baschi village where you will have an opportunity to explore Altyn Emel National Park, the Singing Dune. Tours to this sight is very popular because many people want listen the melody of nature. The name of this site is perfectly suit it because when the wind blew you will have an opportunity to listen the music of the organ. And if there is a storm then you will be able to hear the drum sounds. On the top of the attraction you will be able to witness mountains Sogety and Boguty of the Ketmen range, from the west the hills of the Big Kalkan and from the east the Small Kalkan slopes and in the north of the ranges of the Djungarian Alatau mountains, Chulak mountain, Matai and Altyn-Emel. The day ends with a dinner and the night in the boarding house.

Day 4: Altyn Emel
In course of the tour you will be transferred to Aktau and Katutau mountains. Here you will an opportunity to explore the so called Harsh Mountains in translation.Due to being very old you need to be very careful because the rocks here very fragile.  But you will be amazed by fancy shapes of them. Later on you will see "White Mountains", there can be found remains of the animal of the ancient times, of about 25-30 million years old. These mountains have similar form to the Egyptian pyramids. Then there will be a route back to the guest house.

Day 5: Altyn Emel - Saty - Kaindy
Today you will have to travel Saty village and the Kolsai Lakes. Later on you will visit incredible place that is known as Kaindy lake or Birch Lake. Here you will be able to see the pines and firs at the height of 2000m above sea level. This lake was formed due to the colossal earthquake in 1911 and due to this the dam of 300 meters high was formed. This is alpine lake and because the altitude is height the water of it is cold. We recommend you to see thi place with your own eyes. Upon arrival to Saty night is in the guest house.

Day 6: Saty - Kolsai 2
Your destination for today is Kolsai-1 and Kolsai-2 lakes. These lake are also known as "Pearls of the Northern Tien-Shan" of three lakes on the territory of which you can easily find mushrooms and berries. Moreover during this tour you will be able to do horse riding. Here you will be able to witness magnificent view of pristine nature. On the biggest one it can be easily drive to it by car but to you need to hike for other two lakes. The lakes are pristine, transparent and there is an abundance of fish. Moreover you will learn that here you can see rainbow trout is there and it leaves only in running or spring waters. On the way you will be able to see marals, mountain goats, wolves and even bears. Then we all return to the guesthouse and have dinner there.

Day 7: Saty - Charyn - Almaty
In course of the tour you will travel to Charyn Canyon. Even through this sight resemble the Grand Canyon of Colorado River in North America it possesses a great amount of secrets and mystery. Here you will enjoy the magnificent view of the "Valley of Castles". This sight was formed due to the water and wind. It is about 2 km long and 80m wide. Being here it is possible to spend time just enjoying the walk along the wild but so fascinating site. After it you will drive back to Almaty. Night is in the hotel.

Day 8: Flight
The members of the trip are going to drive to the airport.


02 pax - Sedan economy
04 pax - Minivan
06-10 pax - Minibus

Price per person: 
02 pax - 1 680 $
04 pax - 1 030 $
06 pax - 770 $
08 pax - 640 $
10 pax - 565 $
Single - 175 $

Early check-in - 30 $
Single early check-in - 45 $ 

Half board - 135 $
Full board - 210 $

English speaking guide - 780 $ per group

Service includes:
- Transport
- Accommodation:
Almaty - "Kazakhstan" Hotel 3*
Saty - Homestay
Altyn Emel - Guest house
- Mineral water supply
- 2 dinners and 2 lunches
- Admission tickets to all museums
- English speaking escort (takes care of organizational questions)

Service does not include:
- Full board
- Single rooms
- Early check-in
- Travel insurance
- Visa and visa support
- English speaking guide