Trekking of Kyrgyzstan

Day 1: Arrival at the airport "Manas". Spend in Karakol, 400 km from the airport. The road goes before the snow chains on the mountains make this shift from an interesting trip. After a dinner at the cafe goes way ahead shores of Lake Issyk Kul beautiful, pearls Tjan-Shan. He is the second largest alpine lake in the world, which has been finished with the top of the snow peaks of 5000 meters, will be forever in your memories. Upon arriving in Karakol hotel deals in private or small hotel. At 19:00 one night.
Day 2: In the morning you will start trekking round the green and picturesque valley airing Djergalan grasping spirit mountain road with woods and among rocks along the rushing waters of mountain rivers. A dinner on arrival. A trekking in the valley and then Djergalan Djergalan pass. Spend the night in tents.
Day 3: The day begins with a morning building. During a round of Ram trekking to a floor of a valley. A dinner. Trekking along the lowland river exceeds 3 649 meters in height ASUU-three times. A dinner. Suddenly in tents.
Day 4: In the morning you will start trekking round, ASUU transfer 3 649 meters with large panoramic kind in Asa River Valley Airyk three times. A dinner under the valley, right on the shore of mountain river. After dinner, trekking round under the head of a valley Echkilitash Djanalach Pass (3723 m). At 19:00 one night. Spend the night in tents.
Day 5: Trekking in the morning you start the round over alpine meadows and Echkilitash Pass (3723 m). A dinner. Trekking down a very narrow canyon Tuyuc in a river valley needed-Jaz and then to a military post. Spend the night in tents.
Day 6: Day morning starts with a building. Survey of the images during the day to successfully consult a valley above the base. A nearby mountain stream dinner absolutely transparent. A trekking at high base To a valley. Spend the night in tents.
Day 7: In the morning you will start trekking in Tuz pass round by 4 meter type 001 with great panoramic views of Glacier Inylchek and the highest peaks of Kyrgyzstan. A dinner in the Valley. A short trekking round a valley in a breakdown of Chon-Tash camp Inylchek. At 19:00 one night. Spend the night in tents.
Day 8: Breakfast. A mountain trekking along the great river, following the huge ice cave. A trekking on a glacier and walk on a moraine. A glacier about Putevodnyi dinner. A trekking camp "clay". Spend the night in tents on the moraine party.
Day 9: Breakfast. Half day trekking round the Merzbacher meadow - the last country on a path to the bar at base camp. These small metal cabin suitable for 4 people and large green areas around approaches for camping. A dinner. A free time to investigate the surrounding area. At 19:00 one night. Spend the night in tents or cabins.
Day 10: The day begins with a morning building. Meet the helicopter. Thoughts of a fly (it is not!) Inylchek Inlylchek Mountains on the glacier base camp - located in the moraine party. A camp dinner with great panoramic type of Khan Tengri peak (6995 m) and POBEDA peak (7439 m) - highest peak in Kyrgyzstan. Operated by a round of ABC trekking in the Khan Tengri peak. A shower and sauna visit. At 19:00 one night. It is also possible to visit a bar or check e-mail to the "internet cafe" or to call home via satellite phone. Spend the night in tents.
Day 11: In the morning you will start on a trekking around. A possible variant of a trekking peak POBEDA operated for ABC. A dinner. Investigation of the neighborhood. Spend the night in tents.
Day 12: The day begins with a morning building. Meet the helicopter. Thinking fly, that mountains have added Karkara. Meet with appropriate air conditioner of a vehicle. Traveling to Lake Issyk Kul coast is the second-largest alpine lake in the world. A dinner on the road. On arrival was recorded on board or hotel. A free time for swimming and rest. Spend the night on board.
Day 13: The day begins with a morning building. Pass in Bishkek (240 km) - the capital of Kyrgyzstan. One dinner at local restaurant. Agreement on the board. Research Brief footage of Bishkek and a free time to make the purchase. At 19:00 a dinner in the restaurant. Spend the night on board.
Day 14: Meet your guide at the hotel and then transfer to International airport "Manas".

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 The magic mantra consisting of six independent syllables, the most popular in all Buddhist countries. Stones (attract), on which it is written, meet everywhere from Nepal to Southern Siberia).

 Stones Tamga-tash are not only a historical monument. Therefore visiting of these stones demands the realised relation.  

Tar, a canyon. The river Tar - inflow of the river the Penalty-darja which flows from the east on the south, by Uzgena and then to Fergana valley. Canyons are rich with a variety of fauna and flora, including bushes and pistachio trees. Here there are two lakes, petroglify, a cave, length 910 m and many mineral sources.

Tahti-Sulejman. The single-chamber mosque, is constructed at east top of Sulejman-mountain in the city of Osh. This construction contacted name Muhammada Zahiriddina Babura - descendant Timur (Tamerlana) and was called as small house Bobura.