Trekking and hiking in Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan towers: March 1913
Actions: Walking tour
Destination: Kyrgyzstan
Duration: 9 days

On day 1. You will be at the airport "Manas". Broadcasting the Bishkek city guide. Strengthening the morning at the hotel. Lunch and suddenly at the hotel.
On day 2. The day begins with breakfast building. Go to Issyk-ATA valley. Growth in the valley. Lunch. Suddenly in tents.
On day 3. Trekking to Issyk-ATA Passage. Lunch. Suddenly in tents.
On day 4. You will be trekking down Issyk-3964 m. They Passage lunch Suddenly in tents.
Day 5. In the morning you will have lunch. Trekking down to 4032 m west Passage Alamedin lunch. Suddenly in tents.
Day 6. You - trekking down the throat Alamedin Salyk Valley. Lunch on the road. Trekking to Salyk Valley. Lunch. Suddenly in tents.
On day 7. Trekking the Canyon-Jotas Springsun. Navigation-natural Jotas Springs. Lunch. Suddenly in tents.
On day 8. The day begins with breakfast building. Go to Bishkek. Lunch and suddenly at the hotel.
Day 9. You will be selected in accordance with the guide at the airport, in accordance with the time of your initial data.

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TynystanovKasym (1901-1938) - linguist, bard, obschectvenny activist and professor. Born in ayyleChyrpykty in Issyk-Kul. Primary education in the 1909-1912 years. in a local Muslim school. B 1913-1914 gg. studied in novometodnoy school, and then in 1914-1916,. - In the Russian-native schools, the Przewalski. B 1924, after graduating from the Tashkent Institute of prosvescheniya.rabotal secretary, then chairman of regional branch Kyrgyzskogo Academic Center (Scientific komicsiya) Turkestan Republic. From 1925 - Editor of "Erkintoo." B 1927-1930 gg. - Commissioner of Education of the People's Kyrgyzskoy ASSR. In the 1930-1937 years. - Researcher, then direktop Kyrgyzskogo Institute of Cultural Construction.