Travels and trips Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan Round: Round 007
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Actions: Round Trekking
Duration: 8 days

Day 1:. Meet at the international airport "Manas Pass guide you to Bishkek and deal where you will have breakfast and a rest after a dinner you will have a study of images arranged in hotel Night ...
Day 2: Morning motor of Karakol. In the afternoon survey images (Russian Orthodox Cathedral and Dungan mosques). Night was organized in Karakol in small hotel.
Day 3: Early in the morning to Karakol engine and changes in the Russian army a 4WD vehicle bus (Uazik). Then you have gone through a valley south of Karakol River. 4WD army truck transfers airing interesting mountain road through the mechanisms of fruit trees, as well as between the stunning Mount Karakol Valley. Phase following a trekking trip in the valley makes a Крыла-Kul all the wood for the trees fur. Organized the night in tents, camp Orphan (2800 m).
Day 4: After breakfast continue trekking in a valley gradually takes you to transfer lartësi.Sot Alakol. A dinner on the lake. It is located at altitudes above 3 532 meters above sea level. Being 2.3 miles in length and 700 feet in diameter, which takes water from the glaciers and thawing beautiful fall back on the other. Today we also go trekking through the wing Kul (3860 m) and then trekking down to Keldike throat. A dinner and suddenly Keldike tents in the valley (3200 m).
Day 5: Early morning trips to Altun-Arashan Valley. Kyrgyz Altyn Arashan with "gold resources" and the famous Hot Springs with its natural sulfur curative. A free time for leisure or to visit Hot Springs. Dinner is organized on the road. Night is organized in a wooden cabin (2600 m).
Day 6: After breakfast, a main road trekking. Meet the car. Pass in Karakol mountain road very impressive. Arrival in Karakol. Car passing at a convenient bus air conditioning. Walking Cholpon-ATA. On the afternoon to relax in the lake. Night was organized by a small hotel.
Day 7: After breakfast move to Bishkek

Tailak batyr (TaylakRyskuluulu, 1796-1838). He was born on the bank. Naryn, a prominent member of the liberation movement in the 1st half of the XIX century. A native of the tribe Sayak, grandson Zhanbolota knight, a national hero. For nearly twenty years, was captain of kyrgyzskih tribes inhabiting the central Tien Shan, and led them to fight against Kokand conquerors. In 1838 he was poisoned Tailak Kokand scout, after which the Kirghiz Naryn were conquered Khanate of Kokand. He was buried at the confluence of the river Naryn River Jacket. Over his grave was erected a majestic Gumbez, preserved to this day.

Taldy-Bulak gorge. Kemin district, Chui region. 12 km south of p.Orlovka in the foothills of the Tien Shan mountain range. Here are developing gold deposits Taldy BulakLevoberezhny. License to possess an Australian company SummerGoldLtd (60%) and "Kyrgyzaltyn" (40%).