Travel and trip in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan Tours: 1914 Travel
Actions: Walking tour
Destination: Kyrgyzstan
Duration: 9 days
On day 1. You turn the Manas International Airport, where your guide will meet you. You will be accompanied in the city of Bishkek. Then you have lunch. Lunch and suddenly at the hotel.
On day 2. Movement for visiting feeling Kochkor carpet workshop. Lunch on the road. We Walk around Kochkorka. Lunch and suddenly in tents.
3-5 days. Trekking aimed-Kul Lake. Lunch on the road. The Koyara village distance to travel ten miles Kochkorka walk upstream. Lunch and suddenly in tents. 5-6 hours, advancing every day, crossing two passes: 5-to 3260 m and 3700 m 5-day evening of the day you reach the Show-Kul lakes.
Day 6. Life in Syne-Kul lakes in yurts. Lunch and suddenly in yurts.
On day 7. Trekking around Lake Show-Kul bar. Lunch on the road. Lunch and suddenly in tents.
On day 8. Go to Bishkek. Lunch on the road. Lunch and suddenly at the hotel.
Day 9. After breakfast you will be selected in accordance with the guide at the airport, in accordance with the time of your initial data.

 At 10 km to the south is the Burana Tower, the capital of the state Balasagunskogo.
Tokmok was a fortress and a large shopping center. After taking to strengthen the Russian troops in 1860, began to settle here, and peaceful people - building houses Russian, settled Kirghiz, Uzbeks. And then - Dungan and Uighur.
 When the Soviet Union turned into a flourishing Tokmok city. But after the collapse of the Union shared the fate of almost all small towns. Currently Tokmok - the capital of the Chu region.
Toktogul city. A small town located in the north of the Toktogul reservoir, was named after the famous bard Toktogul Satylganov (1884-1933). Formed in 1972 in connection with the flooding of the area Toktogul reservoir, where the village of Toktogul, founded in 1926.