Prompt Car Rent
Dear travelers! The car rental company gives you a great opportunity to visit such a wonderful country like Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. These countries are in the heart of Central Asia - the cradle of the ancient civilizations, including the nomad. Here you can learn a lot about the nomadic culture and heritage. Come here and enjoy the beautiful scenery and the beautiful nature, which is able to charm, you drop the soul of even the most demanding and capricious traveler! The car rental companies are providing self drive car tours, which means that you can get a car, advice and so begins the journey of your dreams! If you are not sure that the roads in the central asian and the driving skills, you will be given a car and driver. The car rental company claims wishes in advance for everything, so there will be no problem of car rental. Central Asia is the earth's stunning beauty. Here you can visit clear lakes, beautiful meadows, picturesque alpine meadows, the so-called jail hoodoo etc .. in addition, you can enjoy the beautiful urban architecture from cities like Bishkek, Almaty, dushanbe into the Os, Khorog, Dzsalalabad and others.

Take cars for rent and a wonderful visit to Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. Here you can enjoy one of the tastiest and salty foods in the world. Come here, and try to chuchuk, which is a fat horse-meat sausage, or beshbarmak - meat noodles. It is a traditional food in the central asian country. Beshbarmak name means "five fingers", because before that, people ate with their hands. You can also drive to the alpine pastures and try the mare - a traditional drink nomads. Fermented kancatej. Depending on the time of the preparation, you can acquire alcoholic characteristics. So come to Central Asia, and you will be surprised with delicious food. The tour end vehicles for rent can be held in the cities of Bishkek, Almaty, Dushanbe.