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One inscription states that the deceased at the age of seven went to the Chinese emperor, in the opinion of Radlov, this could not occur before 648, when, according to Tan-shu, was sent first Kyrgyz embassy in China. Even more questionable assertion SE Malov (in a report to Congress turkologicheskom in Baku February 28, 1926) that the Yenisei monuments "are dated, even two or three centuries before the Orkhon-Selenga."
Like all memorial headstones, Yenisei inscriptions provide some material for the evaluation of concepts and beliefs of the people, but the scientific use of this material is hardly possible before the light of the new, revised edition of the text and translation. In religion, the Kirghiz were undoubtedly shamanists to this religion are the words of Abu Dulefa prayers and measuring speech. To indicate the shamans among the Kirghiz, like other Turks, was the word stone, in the Yenisei inscriptions (as in the Orkhon), the word no, but it is in the Tang-shu, the story of the Kirghiz. It is remarkable that, despite the trade relations with the Buddhists (Tibetans), and Muslims, there is no news of any success among the Kirghiz Buddhist or Muslim propaganda.
Of the goods exported from the country Kirghiz, the most prized in the Muslim world, apparently, and musk. In the trade these goods, as well as other items of export from the Far East, could affect the rivalry with the maritime trade of the land, the development of maritime trade was in this respect, damage Kirghiz. It is known that at present the musk is exported mainly by sea from the harbor in China, especially Shanghai. In the X century. geographer Ibn Haukal says that the best price and quality of musk from Tibet and was brought from the region of the Kirghiz, apparently by land, but an earlier (writing in 891), a geographer Ya'kubi, placing above all Tibetan Musk (Kyrgyz they do not mention ), after a Sogdian (in the area of ​​Zeravshan) and only the third Chinese adds to this that the best variety of Chinese musk exported from the harbor Hanf (Canton). Musk is mentioned, then among the goods imported from China in Aden. - the main trekking tours.          - focus on horse riding tours.   - remember these advices for biking tours. - In Kyrgyzstan we have everything for travel. - Find in Kyrgyzstan amazing biking tour.            


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