Kyrgyzstan trips and tours
Kyrgyzstan Round: Round 003
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Actions: Round Trekking
Duration: 8 days

Day 1: Early morning transport the cars from villages Barskoon Arabel Pass (3800 m), which was established in one of the branches of Route Mëndafshit.2-3 hours you will cover 55 km are required. Upon arrival you will be familiar with horses and going through the memorable 2-3 hours Suyek Pass (4028 m). Night is organized in tents.
Day 2: After breakfast excursion to make a trip to the FOM Suyek Cholok crossing a valley-rock-top Taragay River. Distance: 25-30km. Time: 5-6 orë.Natë is organized in tents.
Day 3: After a good breakfast, trekking round a rocky valley-top Cholok-Kara-Sai River - Canyion Yshtyk. Dinner is organized in rrugë.Distance: 25-30km. Time: 4-5 hours.
Day 4: Trekking Round the Canyon Canyon Yshtyk early Ak-Shyyrak. Distance: 40 km. Time: 5-6 hours. Night is organized in tents.
Day 5: After a delightful breakfast we start trekking round Baralbas River through a beautiful canyon. After dinner, trekking round the back than in the camps.
Day 6: After a morning round trekking through Ak-Shyyrak Canyon crossing the river many times. A shepherd family dinner. Valley Trip Kyrtash and Kara-Sai. Night is organized in tents.
Day 7: Early morning round of a bridge trekking in Kara-Sai, and Ak-Беллом (3833 m) - Kumtor Valley. Overnight is Taragay stream. Dinner is organized on the road. Distance: 40 km. Time: 6-7 hours. Night is organized in tents.
Day 8: After a delightful breakfast we begin, our round Taragay a break from trekking up the valley Maitor. Distance: you will be transported by car to the village Barskoon which means that you will cover 15-20 miles and takes you 2-3 hours. After this you will have a great opportunity to float in the local thermal waters and have a delightful dinner and a dream in convenient small private hotel.

Semenov, Peter. Born (2) January 14, 1827 in the village Urusov near Ryazan, the son of a retired captain, a member of the Battle of Borodino.
 The outstanding Russian geographer, botanist, entomologist, an honorary member of the Russian Geographical Society and several other scientific societies of Europe, an honorary member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences. He made an enormous contribution to the study of Central and Middle Asia, in particular, Kyrgyzstan.
 In 1848 he graduated from the University of Semenov and decided to do science. In 1853, he began to lecture on the geography and geology at the University of Berlin. Here it appears the idea of the study of the Tien Shan, suggested by Alexander von Humboldt.
 In the 1856-1857 years. He made a trip to the Tien-Shan, beginning his research expeditions. Semenov has collected a wealth of material, including unfamiliar species science, gave the name of the Trans-Ili Alatau. He first calculated the absolute benchmark of Lake Issyk-Kul, suggested its formation and composition of coastal sediments, described the morphology, the history and archaeological sites of the Issyk-Kul.