Kyrgyzstan travel and tour
Kyrgyzstan Round: Round 004
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Actions: Round Trekking
Duration: 13 days

Day 1: Early morning transport from the Gulcho Оша that takes you to 3 hour drive (170 km). Scroll through Chiyrchyck pass (2400 m). Dinner is organized on the road. In the afternoon, arrived at Karakol village Chon. Control and horse pack bags. Dinner is organized on the road. A short trip to Chagyr pass. Night is organized in tents in Kyzyl-alai.
Day 2: Trekking in the Kyzyl-alai, a trip to the mountains and forests repeatedly broadcast a fur-trees and juniper, and along rivers. Night before Agachart Pass. Night is organized in tents.
Day 3: Your round begins with a trekking over Agachart Pass (3700 m). After crossing the pass you will see striking representations of the mountains across the valley Taldyk Alai.Trekking Clover Suu arrives. Night is organized in tents on the riverbank.
Day 4: After a delightful breakfast we start trekking round the canyon along Clover Taldyk Su. After 2 hours of driving you will be amazed by Alain past a plateau as the Pamir Mountains-alai and a measure of Lenin peak from east to west, about 100 km. The width of the Pamir-alai mountain about 20 miles. Dinner is organized on the road. You can clearly see a large number of glaciers and Lenin peak.
From Paradise Farm, continue to move in a dark red side of the North, and then the small lakes: Night is organized in tents in the valley Balykjuugan
Day 5: After a delightful breakfast we start trekking round to pass through smaller, more transfer of a farm in the mountains, a valley near Clover Suu. Organized the night in tents at Korumduu Chukur.
Day 6: This day you will have an access to a sauna, a Turkish bath, and you will test a rural mountain life which is concentrated mainly in animal industries. Night is organized into local homes.
Day 7: After breakfast, trekking from the village needed a Mogol, you will spend big river Kyzyl-Suu (sometimes on the bridge). Trekking in Scarlet also reaches a plateau at a farm Kyzylsky Tyryk. Dinner is organized on the road. Night hosted by the shepherd with his family on a farm or in tents.
Day 8: We will be one of the trekking and TURUK there on the steps of his horse, to reach the mountain lake called Tulpar Kohl. A dinner on the lake. In the afternoon, a trip to the Ist-Sajde valleys after Lenin back to base camp (3600 m). Organized night in tents at base camp.
Day 9: After breakfast, a base camp trekking by Lenin. A first trip to Camp (3600 m). Here, you will leave the horses and start a trekking to his feet almost in the second camp (3700 m).
Day 10: After a delightful breakfast we start trekking round the base camp of Lenin, will return to the village needed Mogol on the west side of the mountain Alain. Dinner is organized on the road. Organized the night in tents in the village needed Mogol.
Day 11: Return to Ош. Stay in the hotel, relax and have dinner. Dinner is organized on the road. Night is organized in tents.
Day 12: After breakfast flight Bishkek. Night was organized at the hotel.
Day 13: Early morning transport from the Toktogul Chychkan Canyon, Bell Wing Suusamyr and Ashu, Kara-Balta, and finally arrived in Bishkek. This trip takes 6-7 hours in the village very well.

 After descending into the valley, is a sign pointing to the village Suusamyr, located 15 kilometers west of the road, as well as a fork of roads on the south side of Osh and the road to the pass Otmek towards Talas.
 Depart from the village Suusamyr two roads in the Kochkor. North is at the foot of the ridge Kyrgyzskogo and virtually deserted. There are no settlements. South road passes through villages Kojomkul and Kyzyl-Oi, then the Min-Kush, or Gull and Kochkor. The roads are very bad. Karakol, a small village on the coast of the same river. Kojomkul, village, named after the man - a giant (he was as tall as 2.3 meters), who died in 1955. The village has a small museum where you can see photos of this man, his clothes, and huge stones, which he is said to be lifted on their shoulders. Road to the Kyzyl-Oi (red ball) passes through a narrow valley Kekemeren on the sides of mountains which rise steeply.

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