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In this text, the Kirghiz are much wilder people than in the Tang-shu, Chinese information in this case, appears to be more reliable. Especially striking is the difference between the words of the Chinese peace Kyrgyz relations with other peoples and Persian words, the author of the war with all its neighbors. Confirms the news of the burning of Chinese dead, Chinese, moreover, say that after a year of bone remaining after burning the corpses buried in the ground, unlike the Turks, at the funeral of persons not scratch. [7] The burning of the dead Gardizi adds that, according to the Kirghiz, the fire was the purest elements and destroying all uncleanness, and the dead cleansed by fire from dirt and sin. Unlike other Kirghiz, the people carried away their dead fury in the mountains and left them on the trees until they decompose. As for the name of the sole of the Kyrgyz city or village, the Chinese transcription of the name (in Iakinfa - Midichzhy, the Schott - Midichzhita) suggests in Persian text reading Mikidzhet (the last syllable - an Iranian word, often add to the name of towns and villages, for example., Ahsiket, Pyandzhiket, etc.).
In a more favorable light depicts the life of the author of X in the Kirghiz. Abu Dulef.


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