Kyrgyzstan king

Information about Kyrgyzstan are part of the description of the journey that the author is undoubtedly fantastic, there are a lot of geographical inconsistencies, and to visit people in the order in which he describes them, Abu Dulef could not. It is very likely that he did not attend at all, and what is seen as a result of his own information, taken from books, but among his sources might be, and reliable. On the Kirghiz said that they eat millet, rice and any meat, except the camel, they have a house of worship and their letter, they are distinguished by prudence and caution, do not extinguish the light, and let him go off by yourself. They have a dimensional speech, which they use during prayer. There are musk. There are three annual celebration. Their banners of green. During prayer, they turn to the south. Worship of the planets Saturn and Venus, Mars look like a star, inauspicious. Many wild animals. There is a stone, glowing at night, so they go without coverage, from this stone curry things just for them. Their king cares about their welfare, and they obey him, in his presence can only take people over the age of forty.

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