Kyrgyzstan inscriptions

In this story the curious mention of the Kyrgyz letter referred to in the Tang-shu, which says that the Kyrgyz people, "the letter and the language very similar to the Uighur." [8] This is not about the alphabet, which at that time was just beginning to spread among Uighurs and was later borrowed by the Mongols, but the more ancient writings, the key to reading which could be found by opening the Orkhon inscriptions. With the same alphabet was known Kyrgyz, is evident from the numerous inscriptions in the basin of the Yenisei River, which became known to science, much earlier than the Orkhon, but dismantled only by the discovery of historical Orkhon inscriptions, which gave the first scientific material on the basis of which it was possible to proceed with the analysis of the mysterious letters. Attempt to give a translation of the Yenisei inscriptions made Radlov. The inscriptions, almost all tombstones, historical information in them no word of Kirghiz in them does not occur, because, for historical information, on the Yenisei Kyrgyz lived, Radlov believes that the label for the most part belong to them. It is remarkable that none of the inscriptions there is no date, at least in the era of the animal cycle, although the Tang-shu is a Kirghiz says that they make up twelve year cycle and identified the names of animals on this basis, Abel-Remusat in 1820, most the invention of the animal cycle was inclined to attribute the Kirghiz. Form letters indicate a more ancient period than during the Orkhon inscriptions, so Radlov was inclined to attribute to the Yenisei inscriptions VII., Mainly in the second half.


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