Top Pobeda

All of the guests are quite aware of the country as Kyrgyzstan being the mountainous. It is also seen as the state of the peaks and highlands. One of the most famous ones is peak Pobeda. The peak is known to be 7439m, being the border with China. In the times of the Soviet Union it was the highest peak ever.

Before the tour taken, guests connect with the managers and are informed of the sites being the border with the mountain peaks, for having a chance to travel there. The car renting service is offered for taking into the account, as it is one of the easiest ways to get to many of the locations. Then invitees have a drive to Zvezdochka glacier. While the tour is made, foreigners have a view of the peak, known as Tomur Peak from the Chinese part. As the history concerns, the peak was mistaken with the other peak, and two peaks had the same name thanks to the investigator P.Semyonov.

According to him it was the peak Khan Tenri. Due to this mistake the peak Khan Tenri had various names in different periods of time. At the same time we are glad to tell that the name of  Pobeda peak was given in honor of the victory in WW2. There were many teams and climbers trying to vault the mountain, the peak, but not of all succeeded. This can be described by bad weather conditions. Our team is glad to give a chance of renting a car, and travel about Kyrgyzstan.