Time-honored wear

It has been decided to create a special page on traditional Kyrgyz clothes because it is an interesting topic on your tour. Rent a car from us in Kyrgyzstan and get ready for a fantastic adventure. Numerous travelers now visit our diverse country, participating in customs and traditions, including donning traditional clothing.

As a general rule, travelers to Kyrgyzstan are eager to learn as much about the country as possible before to their departure. Clothes tend to represent the core beliefs and realities of a people and a place, according to anthropologists. A unique material, which has been used in Kyrgyz clothing for over 700 years, is commonly used to create Kyrgyz clothing. Ordinary people don't dress like this unless on special occasions. It also reflects the nomadic people's way of life, allowing them to feel at ease as they soar over the air.  Going on a tour and renting a car is definitely something you'll want to do.

Kyrgyzstan car rent can transport travelers on a tour to museums that show traditional clothing, including outwear and undergarments. Men wore "jarq shym," "kandagay," and "chalbar" trousers. "Ichik" standing sideways with a warm coat. It is made of wolf, fox, and lynx fur. This coat may also be a part of a woman's everyday look. Similarly, males like to wear Chokoy and Charyk shoes, as well as Tebetey, Kalpak, and Malakai hats.

Women liked "beldemchi" skirts. The girls' hats were always festooned with bird feathers. In addition to conventional decorations, pearls, and valuable stones. Girls used to wear a jacket called a "chyptama" during the period.


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