Sights and highlights Burana

Sights and highlights can be seen in Kyrgyzstan. They were discovered a long time ago. Similarly, we decide to rent a car and drive to the view arranged in the Chui Valley. From Bishkek, it's 60 km.

During the Kyrgyzstan tour, you said that the milestone is the obsolete one, the primary town complex of Balasagun, the ancient city of Kyrgyzstan. In the bygone eras, the location vanished. The tour arranged by our association would have an opportunity to use a car rental in Kyrgyzstan and to explore the organization of meetings. It originated in the 11th century and was about 45m long. After a while, it was taken over by Genghis Khan in the 13th century. The minaret denoted his army. By then, it had evaporated in the fifteenth century. The Soviet Union voyagers discovered it in the nineteenth century and began to retrieve it and gave it to the Historical Museum in Bishkek. It would be nice to visit this great place and rent a car during the Kyrgyzstan tour.


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