Semeyonovskoe gorge

Semeyonovskoe gorge is a famous site to be visited by people who travel in on Bishkek rent a car Kyrgyzstan located in 41km from the region Issyk Kul. In the curse of a tour in our country you are given all the opportunities of a pleasant tour travelled along the mountain spines and Tien Shan firs. In the course of a tour to the gorge you can smell amazing emerald-green grass.

The gorge shows us all the abilities of a famous place as guests who travel in Kyrgyzstan usually wish to be the part of this nature. In the course of a rent car tour in Kyrgyzstan you have an opportunity to make a witness of the nomads still living in the mountains, they live the way of life of their ancient relatives. While travelling your tour you can find out how it is to ride a horse. And local dwellers will always help you.