Now travelers have a chance to get acquainted with the territory of the country in a small review of Kyrgyzstan. Many tourists now contact with travel companies to take a tour. And this is not surprising because travel companies, like no one else, know how best to do tour in the country, what places in Kyrgyzstan to visit and how to enter and leave the country.

Our company develops all tours to the smallest detail, because we love what we do and want to do it perfectly. We offer a wide range of car rental services to our dear foreign guests. Tours are organized by our company take into account all the preferences of each traveler. Because each person is unique and therefore it is necessary to make tours according to the opinion of each guest. The places that you visit, the sights that you see, everything is absolutely tailored to your taste.

All-wheel drive cars are very popular in cars for rent service. Indeed, with the help of such cars, travelers will be able to get to any inaccessible mountain areas. The roads of Kyrgyzstan are not famous for their high quality, so it will be more comfortable in a car like a jeep.

In the field of tourism in Kyrgyzstan, such activities as hiking, trekking, horse riding are popular because of the mountainous regions. It will be fun on the tour because there will also be an opportunity to meet and talk to the locals, people living in the heights. Our cars for rent service will just a help so that you can travel in the mountains and be a welcome guest for local residents. The Kyrgyz are very hospitable people. On such trips, guests of our country spend nights in guesthouses or in yurts. It should be noted that tourists would get conditions that are more comfortable in guesthouses. In yurts, the toilet is on the street, and showers are very rare there.