Plant life of Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan's flora, which contains a diverse range of species, reflects the country's natural existence. In today's society, anyone who wants to go on a tour may do so, and we are free to make our own choices.

Travelers who rent a car may already visit Kyrgyzstan's north steppes, marshes, and wetlands. The region is surrounded by shrubs and woodlands from here. The firm's workers are currently planning a tour with a car rent in a picturesque area of the country. The weather is dry here. There are mountains here that offer us with a clean, green environment in terms of height.

We aim to raise awareness of the Ala Archa Gorge, which is located in the highlands and has approximately 4000 kinds of vegetation. There are 600 animal species and 200 varieties of therapeutic plants in the region. Coltsfoot, sea buckthorn, horsetail, Turkestan thermi, and origanum may all be seen if you rent a car in Kyrgyzstan. A car rent tour will allow you to see Tulip and Edelweiss, Siberian Fir, Schrenk's Fir, and Juniper, among other magnificent gems.

Arslanbob's walnut gardens are a wonderful spot for business clients to relax and appreciate the beauty of nature. The wild apple, cherry, and pear trees may be found at Jalal Abad. It's no secret that Alexander the Great frequented this location.

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