Peak Pobeda in Kyrgyzstan

During the tours with rented cars in Kyrgyzstan, travelers can see the highest point of the Tien Shan, that is, Peak Pobeda. Peak Pobeda is one of the highest. Travelers will learn that the height of the peak is 7439 m. The famous Peak Pobeda in Kyrgyzstan borders China and in the past was considered the highest point of the Soviet Union.

During the tours with rent cars service, travelers will learn many facts about Peak Pobeda, including the information that sections bordering the peak have been added. At the peak, you can see the famous glacier called Enilchek. On the tour, guests of Kyrgyzstan will also learn that the Chinese side of the peak is called as Tomur peak.

The history of the peak began with an erroneous description of the explorer P. Semenov, who mistook Peak Pobeda for Khan Tengri peak. Therefore, it so happened that both peaks at different times were called Khan Tengri. And the real name as Peak Pobeda was given in 1946, in honor of the victory in the Second World War. Several climbers, as well as teams, made a number of attempts to climb Peak Pobeda, by the way, which you will learn in more detail during the tours with rented cars service while traveling in Kyrgyzstan. However, it must be said that not all attempts were successful due to weather conditions. To show all the picturesque and beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan, we offer travelers tours with rent cars service.

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