Old outfits

Because traditional Kyrgyz clothing is an intriguing topic on your tour, it has been decided to develop a specific page on it. Get ready for a spectacular tour by renting a car from us in Kyrgyzstan. Many travelers now come to our unique country to partake in customs and traditions, including wearing traditional dress.

Travelers to Kyrgyzstan, on the whole, are eager to learn as much as they can about the country before leaving. According to anthropologists, clothes tend to express a people's and a place's essential beliefs and reality. Kyrgyz clothes is made from a unique material that has been utilized in Kyrgyz apparel for over 700 years. Ordinary people don't dress like this unless they're going somewhere extraordinary. It also reflects the nomadic people's way of life, making them feel at peace when flying through the sky. Taking a tour and renting a car is something you'll definitely want to do. 

Travelers who rent a car in Kyrgyzstan can go on a tour of museums that display traditional attire, including outwear and undergarments. "Jarq shym," "kandagay," and "chalbar" trousers were worn by men. "Ichik" with a warm coat standing sideways. It's made of fur from wolves, foxes, and lynxes. This coat could also be worn on a regular basis by a woman. Males, on the other hand, favor Chokoy and Charyk shoes, as well as Tebetey, Kalpak, and Malakai headgear.

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"Beldemchi" skirts were popular among women. Bird feathers were always adorning the girls' hats. Pearls and expensive stones are used in addition to traditional ornamentation. During the time, girls wore a jacket called a "chyptama."