Mountain ranges in Kyrgyzstan

Traveling in Kyrgyzstan promises to be attractive and fun, and you will also be able to explore the mountain ranges and rent a car. With our company, our guests will be able to show the sights of the country, provide maximum information and also tell that there are about 88 mountain ranges in Straa. Traveling around the country, our guests can notice that these ridges are close to each other or vice versa far from each other.

From our company you can rent a car and find out that the main ridge in Kyrgyzstan is the Tien Shan Range, which also has a translation as the Celestial mountains. And also guests will be able to find out that in Kyrgyzstan there is a Chon Alai ridge located on the southern side of the country and which also has a connection with the Pamirs. This ridge divides Kyrgyzstan into south and north parts. In the meantime, you will be able to see the most charming beauty of the country and walk through the mountain attractions, and recognize that the long mountain ranges are Kakshaal 582 km and Kyrgyz ridge 454 km.

In the tours, our team would also like to provide you with facts about Terskey Ala Too and for this you can rent a car. During the tours, you will learn that this ridge is translated as the ridge of the shady mountains. Guests of the country also usually want to visit Kungei Ala Too, or sunny mountains, while on tours in Kyrgyzstan. In our company's tours in Kyrgyzstan, you can see the Pamir-Alai Mountains form the division of the Tien Shan into the Turkestan and Alai ranges. We also want to show you that these mountain peaks never melt, covered in snow. Because of this, guests of the country in tours will be able to observe the Ala-Too Mountains, which are translated as colorful mountains from anywhere in the country.

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