Lenin Mountain

The next stop on our tour will be an investigation of Peak Lenin, which is located in the country's Osh region. Today, any traveler with a car may join a tour in Kyrgyzstan that drives close Tajikistan's border. The peak rises 7134 meters above sea level. The region around the peak may be explored on Kyrgyzstan car rent tour around the country. However, because to cloud cover, the peak is not always visible.

The weather in the mountains may be unpredictable, as it varies based on elevation. When A.P. Fedchanko visited the region in 1871, he investigated and discovered the peak. Peak Kaufman was given this name in honor of the governor and Soviet leader at the time. The name of the peak was then derived from the name of the period's current leader.

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The first tour took place in 1929, and none of the members of the party were successful in reaching the peak. The vaulting was later repeated by the Soviet Red Army, members of which vaulted and constructed the Lenin monument. Following these events, the 301 expedition vaulted on its 50th anniversary in 1967. This vaulting brought the general public's attention to the existence of over 16 routes.

The mountains may be dangerous for those traveling in Kyrgyzstan on their own or with the help of professionals when rent a car in Kyrgyzstan. Because the weather is extremely unpredictable, understanding how to be safe in this area is critical. Tragic events happened in 1974, when a storm abducted a group of ladies, and again in 1991, when an earthquake abducted a party of around 44 people.