Kyrgyzstan History

As for the history of the country we would like to note the history of the territory and the history of investigations of our Kyrgyzstan as you are required to know a little bit for tours in the country to be pleasant. We are glad to mention that Tien Shan Mountains have always been the aim of the tourists when they were travelling in the country. And for now most of paths are known and possible to be main for tours to be made due to previous travelling in the country.

We would like to familiarize you with those who managed to travel on car rent in the mountains in the past and gave us true facts about mountains of Kyrgyzstan. In the 19th century Pyotr Semyonov investigated the mountains. Then in the 7th century BC the monk Hsuan Tsang was making a tour on rented cars in the mountains and said they are covered with snow and ice. In 1273 Marco Polo with his father and uncle was in a tour in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan.