Kyrgyz Uzgen complex

Your tour in Kyrgyzstan car for renting is surely going to be one of the most amazing ones in case you make a visit of the Uzgen complex as well. We are glad to announce that the complex is one of the most visited places in Kyrgyzstan remained from the Karakhanid epoch. For us it is a great pleasure if you make a visit of the complex showing the idea of the emergence in 11-12th centuries when Northern, Middle and Southern sides of the complex were created. While travelling it is possible to find out that in 1152-1153 the northern and in 1187 the southern part of the complex was completed. You are free to make a witness of the epoch of the ancient times and assure you will be astonished by the information the guides have in store for you. Moreover guests making their tours and travelling to the complex usually notice 53 steps to the highest point of the complex identifying the place for the mullah's adhan. For you we have prepared a great amount of surprises to show you during your tour in Kyrgyzstan rent car. Hope for you to travel in Kyrgyzstan with pleasant emotions.