Kyrgyz traditional drinks

Kyrgyz traditional drinks are primarily conditioned by satiety and maximum usefulness, because the ancestors of the nomads needed such drinks while moving across the mountains, valleys and steppes. Kyrgyz domestic product, namely Kyrgyz traditional drinks, can boast of the most useful and natural composition. And you dear travelers can taste these Kyrgyz traditional drinks through our tours with rented cars. Our team is ready to organize tours with car rent Kyrgyzstan Lexus LX470 service of any complexity for tourists so that the guests of our country travel through the unique land, enjoy the virgin beauty of nature and taste healthy Kyrgyz traditional drinks. We are also ready to tell about the most basic drinks in Kyrgyzstan:

Kymyz is one of the oldest traditional Kyrgyz drinks made from mare's milk. By the way, an interesting fact for travelers: to prepare a drink, you need to milk for about 1.5 hours. If you take rented cars on the tour and go to the pastures, you will notice that, by tradition, kymyz is served in leather jugs. Kymyz has a number of beneficial properties for the human body and is rich in vitamins.

Maksym and Jarma
Maksim is a Kyrgyz drink made from barley or wheat with the addition of water, salt and sourdough. Having mixed all the necessary ingredients, all this is fried in fat and left to cool for about 10 hours. And ready-made Maksim or Jarma can be drunk both warm and cold. Those traveling in the state with car rent Kyrgyzstan Lexus LX470 service during the tour can taste this type of Kyrgyz traditional drinks as well as look at the preparing process. The drink is very useful if you want to quench your thirst.

Airan is a healthy Kyrgyz traditional drink that resembles yogurt. This drink consists entirely of beneficial bacteria. Having taken rented cars during the tour, travelers can not only taste this drink, but also see the making process, for example, how milk is heated, then cooled and fermented for about 8 hours. Airan is often used to quench thirst on summer days.

Ak Serke
Kyrgyz has been preparing such a drink as Ak Serke from beef broth since ancient times. In order to prepare a drink called Ak Serke, the Kyrgyz use 1 liter of beef broth, which must be mixed with 200 grams of buttermilk and salt. The drink will satisfy hunger.

In fact, in the country, during the tour with car rent Kyrgyzstan Lexus LX470 service, you can find a large number of Kyrgyz traditional drinks and among them bozo. This drink is made from natural ingredients such as millet, corn, wheat or rice. Since bozo is an alcoholic beverage, you can find strong and less strong bozo here.

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