Kyrgyz Peak Lenin

Those who start travelling in rent a car Kyrgyzstan notice that there is a great amount of peaks and high mountains which reveal us the beauty of the picturesque panorama; one of the peaks we would like you to pay your attention is Peak Lenin. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan it is possible to make a witness of the peak of 7134m above sea level, but from the bottom of the mountain. We are glad to make a sort of excursion for you to feel the beauty of the mountain view.

During the period of the Soviet Union it was prohibited to travel in the mountains and make any tours as the government was not able to make a necessary security. In the course of a tour you will find out that only local citizens - professionals - were able to make a tour to the peaks of the country.

There have been made a great variety of tours of famous people as A.P. Fedchanko and his journey along the north of Pamirs in 1871. While travelling in Kyrgyzstan you will be given a great amount of details and facts. One of the facts is that the peak was named after Governor General first - Peak Kaufman.

The peak is the aim of mountaineers and in 1929 there was made one of the first attempts of mounting the high peak. But this vaulting was not the managed one. Then in 1934 the team form the Soviet Union being professionals managed to make a successful tour which was aimed at making a statue of Lenin to stand at the top.

Moreover we would like to notice that peaks are dangerous for all who are amateurs as they may be dangerous even for professionals. Weather is unpredictable and there may be various circumstances to happen. So, for you to know before starting to travel in our country, in 1974 the team of women was taken by the storm. Then in 1991 an earthquake took 44 climbers with only one to survive.

For you it is great to start a tour in Kyrgyzstan car renting and enjoy pristine nature, communicate native dwellers and of course make photos of places where you travel.