Kyrgyz Lenin Peak

Kyrgyzstan is a country of mountains and there is a great variety of peak drawing attention of travelers taking rented car and making their tour - as Lenin Peak. In the course of a tour you always have an opportunity to make a witness of the mountains of the country and the famous peak of 7134m above sea level. While making a tour you will be given notes which identify that long time ago it was not allowed to make any tours and travel on rent a car Bishkek to the high mountains. We guess the reason is seen in the fact that the government was not able to protect the mountaineers vaulting peaks. And only highly professional local citizens were given an opportunity to travel to the peaks of Kyrgyzstan. Now it is possible to start tours, but in case you want to vault the peak it is necessary to undergo special training and good way of bureaucracy. Those who have a desire to start a tour and travel along amazing landscapes of Kyrgyzstan have an opportunity to contact us and we will take in consideration all your wishes.