Kyrgyz Eagle hunting

During tours in Kyrgyzstan rent cars one of the most noticeable things is eagle hunting. The process of eagle hunting and the skills are going throughout generations since 12-13th centuries. Starting to travel in the country it is possible to make a witness of the process of hunting with an eagle of Central Asia - berkut. Those who train eagles are called berkutchi. In the course of a tour of cars for rent in the country you are given all the opportunities to get acquainted with these king-like birds. Berkutchi have always been greatly respected by the people of the village as they gave money and fur to the people. In the course of your tour travelled in Kyrgyzstan you will be informed about the following: the process of adopting a baby bird is a difficult process. The reason to it is seen in the fact that berkutchi were taking baby birds from nests of their parents. Then they were undergoing the process of training of 3-4 years, and then for about 20 years berkutchi were the closest living beings for the eagles. Then eagles are given a free way to the natural life for them to make a pair of the eternal life. For you to make a witness of eagle hunting with eagles hunting hares, foxes and lynxes, wolves, you need to travel to Issyk Kul, Naryn regions where for the price of 100$ you can visit the eagle hunting. But note it is possible to witness hunting only in the tour in October and for 4 following months. 


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