Issyk Kul State Historical and Cultural Museum

When you travel in the Issyk Kul region you are required to make a visit on rented car of the Issyk Kul State Historical and Cultural Museum and Reserve, Cholpon Ata. In the course of a tur in Kyrgyzstan we are glad to represent you the place located not far from the Rukh Ordo complex.

While travelling in the country and visiting the museum in the course of a tour you can get the information that it was created and didn't change since 1980 though the place is known since 10-20th centuries.

In case you travel in Kyrgyzstan car rent and have a desire to make a witness of things of great historical meaning, you are welcome to witness ancient coins and artifacts of the museum. Moreover you will be given a great amount of facts of historical meaning. And of course during tours in Kyrgyzstan you are recommended to make a visit of the room of carpets, the room of embroidery and in other words the room of sewing. For us it is a great pleasure to organize a tour which covers all the periods of the history of the country.