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Travelling in Kyrgyzstan, you will have an opportunity to get acquainted with mountain, gorges, peaks, valleys, lakes, rivers and others. It is important to note that, almost whole country is connected with mountain. Thus, every your tour in Kyrgyzstan will closely related with extreme routes as hiking, trekking and others. Kyrgyzstan is unique in any kind of season. There are no seas and oceans but beautiful lakes and rivers. We have no doubt that, you will be impressed by them in a tour in Kyrgyzstan.  Every traveller will have a chance to learn more about nomadic lifestyle. Our tours in Kyrgyzstan will be memorable and provide you by experience. When you travel in Kyrgyzstan, you will be inspired by Kyrgyz hospitality and participate in the most famous sport of the World Nomad Games - Kok Boru.