Horse games and other games

Travelling in Kyrgyzstan your attention will be taken by nomads who still live in the mountains, horse games and national games of the people. In the course of a tour in the country it will become obvious for all who travel on cars for rent that all the games are connected with the necessity to be strong and have a great endurance. Along with it horses must be strong as well. During tours in Kyrgyzstan you will have an opportunity to ride a horse as local dwellers are always glad to tell how to communicate these animals.

Starting to rent cars and travel in Kyrgyzstan it is possible to make a witness of the games. One of the games we would like to show you is kokboru. The game is based on two teams of 8 people trying to put the dead goat in the goals of their competitor. The game asks for great strength as the dead goat is rather heavy. The next game you can witness while you travel in the country is Erenish. It is based on riders throwing off their opponents from the horses. In the course of a tour in our country you will get acquainted with the game of a wedding custom - Kyz-Kuumai. The game is based on the bride being given a stronger horse and the groom must catch her. After he managed to catch her he kisses and marries her then. While starting a tour in the country you may notice that one of the games resembles the game of Greco-Roman and free style - wrestling alysh. Moreover there is the game based on the necessity to improve strategic thinking during the period of no-war - toguz korgool.