Historical events of Kyrgyzstan

If you want to learn about the history of Kyrgyzstan and travel around the country, then our company is ready to provide you with a tour and car for rent. Now in this article you will learn briefly about the history of the Kyrgyz people, but the history is extensive. Therefore, all information can be obtained from the guide and from local residents during the tour.

During the trip, tourists can see ancient inscriptions on the walls of the gorges, which testify to the ancient inhabitants. At this time, there were nomads who moved from pastures to pastures with yurts, their staff and cattle. If the history of the Kyrgyz dates back 2000 years, then in written notes the history begins in 201 BC.

In order to get acquainted with the history of Kyrgyzstan, it is good to take a car for rent and wander through the mountains to see traces of history. For example, this can be the Gallery of Rock Art in the Issyk-Kul region, in Cholpon-Ata. In this place, tourists will learn about the life of the Bronze Age. Scenes of hunting and dancing are depicted on the walls.

The very first mention of the Kyrgyz is found in Chinese historical works of 201 BC. And so the ancient history stretches from 1000 BC before 300 AD. Other records about the Kyrgyz are given in the Han Shu chronicle of the historian Ban Gu. Modern scholars think that the territory of the state of the ancient Kyrgyz was in East Turkestan. The period from 1200 to 1400 is marked by tragic events, because the Mongols attacked the Kyrgyz. In 1207, the Yenisei Kyrgyz fell into dependence on Chenghiz Khan. After this, the events of the 12-15th century are characterized by the acceptance of Islam due to trade relations with Persian, Arab and Turkic representatives. Become a guest of our company by taking a tour, we will provide you with a car for rent and full information about the history. In the 15th century, people from southern Siberia moved here, becoming the reason why the Kyrgyz did not have a state from the 15th to the 19th century. There were attempts by the leaders to unite the tribes, but in the end, they could not achieve this. Tribes with a political structure and views on the beginning of independence arose. Rent a car and explore Kyrgyzstan's rich history! Such eventful history of our country attracts many travelers.

From the 18th century to the beginning of the 20th century, these are the times when the Kyrgyz willingly wanted to become a part of the Russian Empire. Because the Kyrgyz people wanted to gain freedom from the Kokand Khanate. However, how it turned out that only the northern Kyrgyz adhered to this idea, while the south submitted to this idea by force. After the annexation to the Russian Empire, the life of local residents changed a little, with the transition from a nomadic lifestyle to an agricultural one.

At the beginning of the 20th century, in 1917, the end of the Russian Empire came. The Bolsheviks came to power with such proposals as the absence of exploitation of people, declared about equality before each other. With the beginning of the Soviet Union, the country's political and cultural life and education flourished. However, there were bans on any kind of religion. Because of this prohibition, the killing of innocent people has increased.

In 1991, the declaration of independence of Kyrgyzstan from the Soviet Union took place. This was followed by a decline in living standards, unemployment and a crisis in political, economic and social life. Also, another pleasant side of the status of independence influenced the appearance of its own flag and anthem. In 1992, Kyrgyzstan became a member of the United Nations, in 1993 the adoption of the Constitution. Further, the tragic events of 2005 and 2010. On these two dates, two revolutions took place, and both times the reason was the people's dissatisfaction with the rulers.

Kyrgyzstan today is a bright country ready to welcome its foreign travelers. Rent a car, travel now and become familiar with our history.


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