Greatest Pobeda

Pobeda is one of several high peaks in the country, but we'd like to focus on it right now. At 7439 meters, it was formerly the highest point in the Soviet Union.

Travelers from Kyrgyzstan who come here for tours are regularly told about new sites around the peak while on their tour and car rent services. Zvezdochka Glacier is seen from here. In Kyrgyzstan, a car rent tour reveals that the mountain's Chinese name is Tomur Peak the Investigator P. Semyonov mistyped the peak's name, adding to the mountain's fascinating history.

Khan Tengri's peak, he thought. This has led to Khan Tengri being applied to both mountains at different times. To honor the WWII combatants, the mountain was named Pobeda (Pobeda). A number of different climbers and teams attempted to leap the cliffs. On the basis of these results, we may deduce that a large number of efforts failed owing to deteriorating weather. Our firm specializes in car rent tours in Kyrgyzstan so that you can explore the country's most beautiful and remote locations.


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