Dungan mosque in Kyrgyzstan

Dungan mosque is a famous place of visiting during rent a car tours travelled by guests of the country. During these tours they wish to find out more details about the country and the most significant sites. The mosque is significant due to the following - in 1877 the people of Kyrgyz tribes started their way of moving from China to Karakol. They were making their tour and in 1907 decided to invite the person who was able to build the mosque. Local dwellers asked Chjou Siy, an architect from Beijing and with 20 people of locals made the mosque.

In the course of a tour travelled in Kyrgyzstan guests of the country can notice the meaning of colors of the mosque - red is for people to be protected from evils, yellow to bring them prosperity, and green for happiness to be in their homes.

In the 30s it was prohibited to believe in God and the mosque was closed. After the Muslim community had given a certain amount of money for the needs after WW2 they gave an allowance to open the mosque. For now it is possible to travel in Bishkek rent a car Kyrgyzstan and visit the famous Dungan mosque.