Traveling in Kyrgyzstan with cars rent service means a tour in which tourists will be able to taste the most exquisite cuisine of the nomadic people. Local cuisine in Kyrgyzstan is based on the customs of peoples such as Turks, Persians, Arabs, Indians, Chinese, Russians and Europeans. In short, during the tour with car rent Kyrgyzstan service, travelers will be able to find a variety of dishes from almost all cuisines of the world. In this article, we will try to briefly describe the main dishes that represent the cuisine of Kyrgyzstan.

Bread is the most important thing that should be present on the table when serving a dish on the table of every Kyrgyz family. Travelers during the tour with car rent Kyrgyzstan service learn that it is not customary for nomads to cut bread with a knife, they tear it with their hands. The most common type of bread in Kyrgyzstan is lepeshka round bread baked in a tandoor (traditional oven), and boorsok is a piece of bread fried in butter. Boorsok is usually prepared in honor of some event.

Beshbarmak is the most favorite dish of nomadic peoples, existing since ancient times. After a meal, you need to wash your hands, as it is customary to eat food with your hands and say words of blessing. When having beshbarmak, the Kyrgyz sit next to each other and talk on different topics. This dish of traditional Kyrgyz cuisine is made from lamb, with onions and dough.

This dish is one of varieties of Kyrgyz delicacies that travelers can sample during the tours by means of the cars rent service in Kyrgyzstan. Chuchuk is mainly prepared for special occasions on holidays or tois (celebration). Ingredients such as kazy kabyrga, ulcers, salt, pepper, black pepper, onion, garlic, caraway seeds, and bay leaves are needed to prepare this dish. In order to marinate the meat, various spices are used.

This is a well-known dish of the Kyrgyz cuisine, which in translation means fried, that is, it is fried beef or lamb with potatoes and onions. This is a common dish among the nomads that was cooked on metal. Thanks to this method of preparation and the bones, kuurdak acquires a unique taste.

The main ingredients in shorpo are meat with herbs and vegetables. This dish is very common in oriental cuisine. When traveling with the car for rent Kyrgyzstan service during the tour, tourists taste this soup, and usually more red pepper is added to make the taste unique.

Plov is probably a very common dish throughout Central Asia, which is prepared by the way by residents of different countries. Pilaf is a versatile dish that is prepared for any event, weddings, funerals, childbirths, etc. In addition, when just a family is waiting for guests, they can cook plov.

This special pie with meat, onions and, of course, with spices can be tasted by any tourist traveling through Kyrgyzstan with the cars rent service during the tour. Samsa is baked in a tandoor (traditional stove) or on special stones. You can also use chicken to make samsa.

Manty is perhaps the most favorite dish of any Kyrgyz family and is cooked very often. It is customary to eat this dish of Kyrgyz cuisine with your hands. It is customary to put manty in a large plate, from where the guests themselves will determine their portion and put on their plate as much as they want to eat. Manty is a dough stuffed inside in the form of meat and is cooked in a special steamer.

This dish is widespread among the peoples of Central Asia, made from lamb and vegetables, noodles. Traveling around Kyrgyzstan with car rent Kyrgyzstan service, visiting bazaars during the tour, tourists may notice that ready-made dough for lagman are being sold, the dough is prepared in noodle rolls. It is customary to cook a dish like lagman with a lot of water to make a soup. In addition to noodles, the main ingredients of lagman are peppers, eggplants, beans, radishes, onions, carrots, etc.

Guests of Kyrgyzstan wishing to taste ashlyam-fu go by cars rent to the city of Karakol to taste the most popular dish of this city. Ashlam-Fu is served cold and is ideal in summer when it is hot. The main ingredients of this dish are noodles, starch and sauce, vegetables. This dish of Kyrgyz cuisine has Dungan, Chinese and Muslim origins.

Shashlyk is the same as kebab, which is cooked over a fire. Traveling with car rent Kyrgyzstan service during the tour, tourists can visit any cafe or restaurant and order this dish. The name of this dish is associated with the Turkic culture. To prepare shashlyk, marinated meat with different types and sauces, as well as a certain amount of vegetables, is used.

Dymlyama is a well-known for its an easy-to-cook property, dish of Kyrgyz cuisine that requires different vegetables and meats. All these ingredients are put into this dish in layers, just without altering, and thus the dish is steamed. The main ingredients of Dymlyama are lamb, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers, and so on.

This is an oriental dish that is often compared to lagman. The difference between ganfan and lagman is that it should be cooked with many vegetables, spices, noodles, but with less water. Usually this dish is also prepared with rice. This light, simple yet tasty dish is often seen on the tables of Kyrgyz families on tours with car for rent Kyrgyzstan service.

Kyrgyz cuisine is a chance for those who want to travel around Kyrgyzstan with cars rent service, and taste Slavic dishes in one. Slavic dishes are also common here. For example, the famous soup borsch, which is made from beef, and put a lot of vegetables, and especially beet, because the soup should have a red color.

During the tour with car for rent Kyrgyzstan service, travelers can taste dishes from different cuisines of the world, for example, even côtelette (cutlets) of French origin. Cutlets are made from meat ribs. And the meat can be any chicken, turkey and beef. And also to prepare cutlets, in addition to meat, put potatoes and onions.

Kurut is a popular snack in Kyrgyzstan. This popular snack is tasted by many travelers that is made with milk and its preservatives. In shape, kuruts resemble balls; they taste salty, creamy, sometimes sweet and sour, even spicy.

The cuisine of the peoples of Central Asia has many types of soup, and mampar is one of them. This soup is made from boiled dough with onions and potatoes, onions and herbs can also be added. Such an easy-to-prepare dish can surprise with its taste and can become a table decoration.

Pelmeni is also a Slavic cuisine dish that has been adapted by Kyrgyz cuisine. This is a dish that you can eat during the tour with car rent Kyrgyzstan service, which is a boiled dough stuffed with meat that is boiled in salted water. When it is boiled, and then it is served with sour cream or ketchup, or mayonnaise.

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