Boat cruise in Issyk Kul lake

Travelling in Kyrgyzstan you will have the chance to visit Issyk Kul lake and have boat cruise. It is one of the interesting attractions that will raise your mood in a tour in Kyrgyzstan. We have no doubt you will like to ride on motor ships "Moltur", "Adilet", "Korsar", "Kyrgyzstan" and others. Since Kyrgyz nature is unique, you will have the opportunity to face with warm wind and get fresh breathe of the purest air. We will help you to get satisfaction of best tours in Kyrgyzstan.

In addition you can capture beautiful mountains and enjoy lying on warm sandy beaches with cold drinks. In Issyk Kul lake you can treat your body with spa and get all exclusive services in tours in Kyrgyzstan. Travels in Kyrgyzstan will be incredible with best team of us. We are sure you will like to enjoy stunning landscape of blue sky and experience outstanding ride among waters of Issyk Kul lake. Every tour in Kyrgyzstan will provide you by positive atmosphere of land. Make your travels awesome with us!