Kyrgyz people

Regardless of the foreign trade, the Kirghiz had his own metal production, may be inherited from once-living people on the Yenisei old, bronze culture, which still can not coincide with either a specific type of ethnographic, nor to a particular chronological period. Kirghiz, apparently, has long been known to iron, in the Tang-shu says that Kyrgyz manufacture of iron weapons queen, who previously paid a tribute to the Turks, they called the Iron kyasa (Kja-sa). Schott brings this word with Samoyed words hues, vese, jesea, but also points to the possibility of relationship with Altaic jäs 'copper' and Comana (Polovtsian) jâs 'brass'. To address the issue of acquaintance Kirghiz Turks, and in general the metals would need a more detailed comparison of the related issue of linguistic data. Radlov, in agreement with the local folk tradition, ascribes to the graves of the Kirghiz Yenisei and Abakan, in which they were found objects of the late Iron Age.
According to the degree of cultural development of the Kirghiz, of course, were much higher than its northern and eastern neighbors, which we find some information in Chinese and Muslim sources. Above we have listed information about the manuscript Tumanskiy who lived east of the Kyrgyz people fury in which this nation was accused, even cannibalism. Some details of the fury and the relationship between them and communicate with Kyrgyz Gardizi, according to which the rates of the Kyrgyz khan of the people to fury was three months old ways. Fury is described as wild men living in the marshes, and if they withdraw, they are like fish out of water. If one of them is captured by the Kyrgyz, he refuses to eat and enjoys every opportunity to escape. - Lovely tours for big families. - trekking tours for students.    - horse riding in Kyrgyzstan. - Biking in the gorges of Kyrgyzstan. - Tours and trips in Kyrgyzstan. - Cultural tours with visiting of nomads.         - Practical advices for travel in Kyrgyzstan.        


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