cars for rent Tajikistan

Welcome to such interesting and beautiful counties, as Kyrgyzstan Kazakhstan and Tajikistan! Our car rent company wants you to invite to the territories of Central Asia, where you will diversify your life and experiences! Due to the cars for rent we are providing you with, you will start exploring the territory of Central Asia from top to the bottom! The cities, from where you will start this unbelievable journey are among the most beautiful cities in the whole Central Asia- these are the cities of Bishkek, Almaty and Dushanbe. You will land in one of those cities as well, because there are international airports situated there and you will get the cars for rent as soon as you arrive. Our representative will greet you in the airport and then transfer at any part of above-mentioned cities. After you have some rest, we will be able to make an auto-renting agreement with you, which will allow you to get the cars for rent. You will do it after making a full cover of the payment. If you want to learn about it, you can visit our website, where all cars for ret are presented with the prices and detailed description of the capacities, as well as nuances of exploitation. For example, if you drive per day more than 250 kilometers, then you will have to pay 0.35 USD for each kilometer.

Another condition, which our auto rent company sets is security deposit payment, which is 400 USD. You will have to leave it as soon as you make a payment. However, we will return it to you after you return to open of the following cities: Almaty, Bishkek or Dushanbe. Then, our car rent specialists will inspect the auto for the damages and if they will be identified, then they will take a particular amount of money from the security deposit. If no damages are identified, we will return you the deposit. So, just choose our car rent company and you will be able to explore all parts of Kyrgyzstan Kazakhstan and Tajikistan!